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Top 5 Honeymoon Planning Tips

It's the morning after the wedding, you're both on such a massive high! And once the wedding day is over, what better way ride the crest of the wave of happiness than with one of the best holidays you'll ever experience? Tip #1: Consider the time of year you're going on your honeymoon

It's important to remember that the best time of year to visit your dream honeymoon destination may not be the same time that you'e chosen to have your wedding day. For example, if you're getting married in the August and your dream honeymoon is traveling round Australia - remember that this is the coldest time of year there!

Tip #2: A mini-moon can work really well

If you're dead set on your honeymoon destination, but going straight after the wedding day isn't practical, you could consider delaying your honeymoon and taking a mini-moon in the meantime. After spending so much time with family and friends, it'll be so nice for the two of you to get away for a few days and have some time with just each other.

Tip #3: Multiple destination honeymoons could be the way forward

Can't decide whether to spend a week relaxing in the sun or a backpacking trip around somewhere undiscovered? Why not do both? It's your honeymoon after all! Often this actually works out more cost-effective than going on two separate trips, as if the places are nearby you'll not need to fork out for travel to and from home each time. Tip #4: Make sure you have travel insurance for your honeymoon!

The very next day after our wedding, my wife and I had to cancel our entire honeymoon (yes, really!) as my wife had to go into hospital unexpectedly. We'd booked everything on non-refundable rates to get the best prices so had it not been for an insurance policy we'd have had an interesting start to married life! Tip #5: Decide whether to travel in your married name or your original name for your honeymoon

Make sure that you decide this earlier on. It's probably easier to travel in your original name, however if you decide to travel under your new name make sure this a decision you make early on so that reservations can be made in your new name and so that you can make the necessary arrangements to make sure you have a valid passport for your trip. BONUS TIP: Take a decent camera!

Obviously I would say this as a photographer, right? It's so important to capture the trip of your lifetime so that you can remember this amazing period in your lives together, forever!


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