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Hallgarth Manor Wedding Photography: Abbey and Kieran

What they say: Literally look no further for the best wedding photographer ever. Someone who can deliver dreamy photos and capture the raw emotion of the day but still have them looking flawless.

We first met Ed at a wedding showcase and as soon as we met him and saw his work we knew from that moment he was the perfect fit. The most genuine, lovely, positive guy you’ll ever meet. He made me, my partner, and all our guests feel at ease. You didn’t even know he was there.

On the wedding morning he helped me feel calm and collected and even had some amazing wedding hints and tricks that helped my morning go with ease.

Seriously, if you want the best photographer ever this is the man. If you want real moments, genuine emotion and creative, flawless photos Ed is your man.

Venue | Hallgarth Manor, Durham

Hair | Kayleigh Wedding Hair

Make Up | Emily Bunker

Florist | Forget Me Not

Venue Dressing | Magic Moments Weddings and Events

Cake | Avenue 22

DJ | Highlights Entertainment

Cars | Diamond Las Vegas

Hallgarth Manor is such a beautiful Durham wedding venue set amongst some really gorgeous countryside. I was delighted to be Abbey and Kieran's Hallgarth Manor wedding photographer and capture their truly special day.

Abbey got ready at Hallgarth Manor with her bridal party, while Kieran prepared at home. Kieran then met the wedding guests at the church, which was only a few minutes' walk away from Hallgarth Manor.

Kieran's favourite moment of the whole day was seeing Abbey walk down the aisle, and having all his and Abbey's close friends and family around them to celebrate with. Abbey also has two favourite moments; "The ceremony: saying our vows, having my dad there as he walked me down the aisle, and seeing my son and future husband waiting for me. And having all those special people together in one place, supporting and celebrating us." Abbey says her other favourite moment was "my husband's speech, listening to my husband talk about myself, my son, my family, his family. It was all just so magical and still brings a tear to my eye thinking about it. Even now I know he didn’t finish that speech and winged it at the end it was amazing." I have to agree - there wasn't a dry eye in the house after Kieran's speech!

Abbey says a few special memories from the day stood out: "For us having a memory table was really special. Having pictures of those who aren’t with us now but who we wish could have shared in the special day was very important. Not only for us but for our guests who were there too. We had many happy tears from our guests when seeing this. We also had sparklers on the night time which brought all our guests together as we shared in one moment and had lots of fun!"

Kieran remembers the special touches he and Abbey spent time planning; "our pine cone name tags, chocolate favours, sunflower favours and sparklers."

Abbey and Kieran's advice to future brides and grooms is to "take in every moment - you’ve waited all this time and you’ve put in so much effort and attention to detail. Now just sit back and enjoy every second of your day. It goes within a flash and once the day is over you’ll wish you could do it again. Don’t let other people's opinions affect what you want. It’s your special day, nobody else’s. Enjoy and have so much fun."

Kieran also gives a bonus tip to grooms: "Have your speech written before 8.30 on the morning of the wedding!"

Abbey and Kieran also have some advice about wedding photography: "One other thing that was really special to us was having the perfect photographer. Now the wedding day is over all we have is memories and photos. Our photos are just in the moment, raw emotion photos which capture exactly what was happening at that time. This is something we will treasure for ever."


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